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hello people and to all people of NE; I decided to get rid of my 6 year old bat. that I didn't really take care of. I was going to go with an Interstate and visited one of those Interstate stores (this one is in Waltham) and I believe there all over. Called on the phone and he say's he's got one. I prefer dual posts bat. for my 86T but I get there and now he says they don't make one. Just a wait of time. So I went where I bought my old bat. and they had it right there. No calls no BS just how it should be. The place is Atlantic Battery now on Main St. Watertown. They got muscled out of there old place that is probably going to be condos. I felt he (talking with the owner) wasn't happy with the whole deal. Any way if you live in the area give them a shot. It's a real car type bat. place.