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Dennis Kirban

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RIP - Rollin "MOLLY" Sanders - July 15, 1943 - April 19, 2010 -

The automotive world has lost a great talent and friend - Rollin "MOLLY" Sanders. We are deeply saddened by the news that Molly lost his hard-fought courageous battle with cancer on Monday, April 19th.

The Memorial Service for Molly has now been arranged. It is scheduled for Friday, May 14, 2010 at 11 am at the Saddleback Church, 1 Saddleback Parkway, Lake Forest, CA 92630 with a reception to follow.

It would be great to have a local Buick club bring some Grand Nationals to the service.

In lieu of flowers, the "Molly Memorial Education Fund" has been established for their daughter Brooke, age 10. Contributions can be sent to: 2959 Country Club Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

If you would like to send your regards to Molly's family and friends, you can also post comments and photos on his Facebook page. Here is a link to his page -
Rollin Molly Sanders | Facebook

You can send his family a note or card -
Terry and Brooke Sanders, 2959 Country Club Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Some of you may remember Molly's father, Mel - He attended our first Reunion event with Molly at the Johnsville Navy Base in 1992. If you would like to send him a card or note, here is his address - Mel Sanders, 21505 Mt. Olive Road, Elkins, AR 72727.

We have posted his complete obituary on our website -
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RIP Charlie!
The loss is sad indeed Dennis. Molly will be missed and I hope he is remembered for what he did. I wish I had the cash to go for the memorial just to say "thank you".


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I was actually going to take my GN down there and I know another had mentioned it, unfortunately we are going to be at the BG Nats. :(

RIP - thanks for the great designs !

Dennis Kirban

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Just a few more wife, Eileen has been working Terry (Mollys wife) on the obituary and we have contacted several major magazines including the LA times newspaper.

I know it will appear in the August Hot Rod issue under letters to the editor..working on several others that have gotten back to us.

Its amazing how many different car lines and cycles etc he was associated with during his career.

I myself am extremely grateful for having known him......

rafael vasquez

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Jeff lets go,

open invetation ill buy lunch to evey one who comes to the funneral on friday with there GN.

I will be there with my GN

714 457-6839 Rafael