Minty White 87 T Hardtop For sale


I am listing this for a friend who works out of town. He has a couple Turbo Buicks and is looking to thin his herd. I have known the current owner for several years. I previously owed this car and have known the previous owner for over 10 years. He is a world class Jeweler and former Drag Racer. The car he built is a work of art. He had most of the work done by a top notch shop and put a lot of thought and research into the build as you can see by the list of parts, modifications and pictures. Truly one of the nicest Turbo Buicks I have owned and seen over the years.

This is the ad from when I purchased the car. It has not been driven much sense and have been stored in a heated garage.

I have a very nice White 87 T Hardtop with the desirable gray interior for sale. I have owned the car for about 8 years. The original paint is in great condition. Mileage is 43620 miles. The engine has even less mileage as it was replaced under warranty by the original owner. The motor has approx. 10,000 miles on it. (I can confirm this as it is all documented.) This is a Canadian car with no secrets and is in premium condition. No Rust. No Winters or Wet weather ever. Overall condition of the car is a 9.5. Always stored in a heated garage. All of the mods are documented. Have tons of pictures. I will post a few and can forward more for those interested. Asking $23,000 Can.

GT67P 60-1 Polished Housing
60# HZ Mototron Injectors
Kenne Bell Big Boy FMIC
Kenne Bell Ashtray Switch Panel
Kenne Bell TCC Lock Up Switch
Kenne Bell Hi Lo Fan Switch
TA Valve Covers with Metco Breathers
New Cam Sensor with Casper’s Cam Sensor Cap (with built in LED)
Racetronix Upgraded Injector Wiring Harness
340 Fuel pump+ Hotwire Harness with Bosch external.
Accufab Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
Chrome 4" MAF pipe (TR Custom Parts by Mark Hueffman)
Chrome 3" Up pipe (TR Custom Parts by Mark Hueffman)
Mease 3" SS Down Pipe c/w cutout
TCS 9x11 Torque Converter with Billet Cover (3600 stall)
Fresh BFR Transmission with Art Carr Rebuild
CK Shift Recalibration Kit #24RSRK/A
B&M Transmission Cooler
M A F Translator G E N 2
Caspers GEN 2 Harness Adapter
Turbotweak 97 Octane chip v5.6 \ ALKY 95 -98 installed
Turbotweak 97 Octane Wideband Chip v6.0 (new in package)
LS1 MAF (3 1/2") (Full Throttle)
Dual gauge pillar mount
Innovate XD-16 Standalone Kit w/LC1
Scanmaster 2.1 with Powerlogger upgrade chip installed
Casper’s Audible Knock Sensor
RJC Hybrid Boost Controller
RJC AD Power Plate
RJC Rocker Shaft Supports
RJC Biggie Oil Filter Adapter
RJC Alternator Pulley nut
Upgraded Alternator Pulley Fan with machined spacer
ATR SS 3" Cross-flow Exhaust
ATR SS Drivers Replacement Header
ATR SS High Flow Cross Over Pipe
Alkycontrol (Razors) PAC ALKY Kit
IAC Angle Boss
Under Hood Fuel Pressure Gauge c/w 3' steel braided line
Custom Chrome and Polished Aluminum Hydroboost Brake Conversion (

Hurst Roll Control (Hidden switch)
HRpartsNstuff Upper Double Adjustable Control Arms
HRpartsNstuff Custom Length Lower Rear Control Arms
HRpartsNstuff Frame Braces
HRpartsNstuff Poly Motor Mounts
HRpartsNstuff Poly Transmission Mount HRpartsNstuff Sway Bar
GbodyParts Complete Stainless Steel Catalytic Converter Hanger
HRpartsNstuff Air Bag Spacers
Adjustable Air Bags
T/A Aluminum Rear Girdle
Bilstein Shocks

Kirban Driveshaft Loop
160 Degree Thermostat
Clear front signal lenses
All required braces installed.
Probably forgot a thing or two.

I purchased this car originally in 2003 from Jeff Brown (Quick6) in Winnipeg. Jeff was the president of the Manitoba Grand National Association at that time. As Jeff did, I would like to pass it on to another Buick Turbo enthusiast like myself.

Contact me if interested and I will put you in contact with the owner.
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Here are some of the pictures.
DSC01099 (Large).JPG
DSC01102 (Large).JPG
DSC00826 (Large).JPG
DSC00537 (Large).JPG
DSC00545 (Large).JPG
DSC00598 (Large).JPG
DSC01064 (Large).JPG


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Actually it isn't clear on the asking price, it says this is the ad from when he bought the car at 23000 can.


Sorry for the confusion.

He is asking $23,000 canadian but is open to serious offers.

I am not getting anything out of this so please be respectful with my time. This is a high quality car and he is not desperate to sell.


I actually paid more for the car but it came with the Simmons wheels, 6 newly refinished GTA wheels, a set of narrowed and widened turbine wheels, a extra 200r4 and two truck loads of parts.

I kept all this stuff when I sold the car to Don.


I have no problem answering any questions, contacting the current owner or the previous owner.

You can even talk to either of them directly.

I just didn't want people contacting me with low ball offers.