mine since 2015

Ok, so here is a picture of the car that I purchased in 2015.

I am testing to see if I can get my images to link properly from my photobucket account, and then I am going to add some more photos to this post, as well as, some information.

I purchased the car in October of 2015, and I have made no upgrades. I did purchase a new set of tires the day after driving the car home. Also, it started raining on my way home after having the tires replaced, and I quickly realized that I needed new windshield wipers. I absolutely hated the breaks, and I replaced the entire break system ASAP. In the past three years it has been to several car shows, and out for an occasional weekend cruise with the wife. I am at the point where I am ready to start working on the car, but I want to be assured that everything that I currently have is functioning properly before I start making any changes.

I decided to start with the air intake... I purchased the car with a Kenne Bell “ram air” kit, and I could not wait to see it gone. I posted a “need help” thread here on the forums, and I quickly received the help that I needed. Here is a picture of what I started with...

Now, here is a picture of what I ended up with...

This was quick, fun, and simple. In fact, it took me longer to clean the grime off of my hands. However, I did find one thing that concerned me. This is my only cone filter, and I have never seen this...

I am referring to the hole between the clamp, and the actual filter. Please, do not laugh, but it does not seem like that should be there. However, what do I know?

I also noticed (but, did not take a close up picture) that the clips that keep the MAF sensor wiring connected are broken off. It has remained connected all of this time, but I feel as if I could just slide it apart. Would this be considered “ready for replacement”? I have an idea what I want for an intake setup, but I am not ready to upgrade just yet. However, I do not want faulty parts under the hood. I am looking at the following if it is time for replacement.







Also, a big thank you in advance.