Methanol Sources in NW Chicagoland


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On the path to getting my car going again, wondering if anyone knows of some sources nearby to grab 5 gallon cans of methanol for my Alky kit? I know that Winners Circle in Joliet has them, I'll go there if thats all I can find, but if there is anything closer in the NW burbs I'd love to hear about it.


Wanna-be 10 sec'r
If anyone needs an extra 5 gallons, I've found a shop in Carpentersville that is expecting to place an order within the week. 5 gallon container Sunoco 99.9% Methanol ~$46. I know its more expensive than having it pumped from a 55 gal, but at least you know its not contaminated. I you are interested, place your order ASAP, I don't expect him to order any extra to keep on hand.

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I just got some Meth again after 10 years being out of it from the same guy.....

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Sunoco 5 gallon with the tin can $39.
I think it's $4.50 a gallon.