Memphis area turbo buicks step in!


Designated LSX Hater
Just moved to the area and looking to meet some fellow tr owner!

I'm near the Southhaven area


Scaring the neighbors!
Welcome to the area. I'm in Collierville.

There's a few others in the area that'll probably chime in too.


Designated LSX Hater
Alright! So is there anywhere you guys meet for any shows or anything of the sort? I know we are kinda out of season right now but just curious what the car scene is like around here... Really looking to see if there are any mature street cars ever out on the weekends etc.


How many can I own??
Welcome to Memphis! I live in MS, but work at Memphis. I'm not sure about the car show schedules this year, but there are usually a few at Beale Street throughout the Summer and Fall.