Medium Emerald 87 Turbo T


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Looking for a 1987 Medium emerald turbo t
Been around these cars since 1990, and i've seen ONE. That was back around 1995 here in CT and the elderly owner wouldn't sell. By far the rarest color on a Turbo Buick as I'm sure you know. I wish you luck in your search......


Have you found one? I don't know that I know that color--is that the dark green/bluish metallic color? Anyone have a picture of one?


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Have you found one? I don't know that I know that color--is that the dark green/bluish metallic color? Anyone have a picture of one?
Don't know of any that color. The ONLY green buick offered on a Turbo Regal was sage green like the one pictured below. Like I said, seen ONE in my whole life. And I saw one online that was in the mid west I believe. Buick actually cancelled sage green mid year as it obviously wasn't a popular color.
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Gotcha. I have heard of sage green. Never seen one in real life but have seen pictures.
Yep, I still think about the one that 'got away'. It was beautiful, sage green, green interior and MINT. The elderly gentlemen told me he couldn't sell as he promised it to his grandson. Haven't seen or heard of what happened to it since then.


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Location: New York, New York, 10024
VIN #: null
Mileage: 11,800
Transmission: Auto
Condition: Good
Exterior: Money Green
Interior: Tan

Seller’s Description: 1987 Buick Regal Coupe, Needs transmission work, I replaced the transmission fluid which was a mistake because the issues started as soon as I did that, mechanic says to rebuild - I say l want to sell.
Price: $11,500

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There was one out in CA a couple years ago that a guy named Harold bought from the guy here on the board who's avatar is Gollum. Brett, maybe? Harold since sold it, not sure where it went but I think it's still in CA.

Lots of controversy surrounding that car, but it was absolutely gorgeous.


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I believe they were only 2 sage green t's produced in 87...ones in Brian Lorenz collection ...medium emerald was a different is some info on colors available for 87 t's....hope you find your car...Svgt
Just happened to run across this thread. I owned the other sage car for about 5-6 years.(and yes there were only 2) the one pictured above was a limited if I remember correctly. Kirban sold it some years ago. Mine was a stock Turbo-T with a bench seat, column shift,non-power windows and had the cheapest radio offered. My friend, Keith Soffa made me an offer I couldn't refuse, and I sold it to him. He resold it a couple years later. I wonder what happened to it. Here's a picture of mine.I will attach a picture. Hope it works.


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