May 9th Motorgen Meet Fullerton CA!


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May Monthly Motorgen Meet at Nick's Burger in Fullerton. Here is the link with details! The meet starts at 6:30p.m. A great mix of domestic, import, and euro. Everyone is welcome - the food is good and it's a great group of people!

The address for Nick's is:

Nick's Burger
1712 W. Orangethorpe Ave
Fullerton, CA 92833

We're always looking for new members and we've had a lot of fun doing all kind of events over the last year with all kind of different cars. In the upcoming months we have a cruise up Angeles Crest on June 13 and we're doing a group trip to the Peterson Auto Museum on July 11th. In between all that we're going to be at California Speedway on May 25th for LA Invasion and probably again for the Street Legal Drags on May30th. If that all sounds good to you and you want to hang with other car guys in the OC area, come check out the site or one of the meets. I hope to see you all around :)


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24 Hour Bump!

For those wondering we do this meet at Nick's every 2nd Saturday of every month. The meets always start at 6:30.

Typically we also meet up at 4:00 before the meet and go on a cruise. Sometimes we do other things like dyno days, or like our upcoming trip in July to the Peterson Auto Museum. Here are the videos from the last couple months:

January Meet (Turnbull Canyon Cruise) Video
February Meet (Dyno Day at RET)
March Meet (PCH and Laguna Canyon Cruise)
April Meet (Glendora Mountain Road Cruise)

Next month the meet is on June 13th. That will be our trip up Angeles Crest. It was my favorite cruise last year, lots of fun. Here is a video from that trip.

Angeles Crest is a longer cruise and we'll have to leave earlier than normal. Please check Motorgen or look for the threads in the upcoming weeks for details.

I hope to see as many of you as can make it in the upcoming months. We've had a lot of fun and met a lot of great car guys through our site. If you're looking for a non-model specific car guy forum for Southern California, definitely come check us out :)


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I stopped by last night, nice friendly group.
Diverse bunch of vehicles. and one vette was giving E ticket rides, but only if you went to the bathroom BEFORE the ride.