Maui question


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Oct 5, 2001
Long Beach, Indiana
We're visiting Maui next week and wondered if there are any turbo Buicks on Maui and do any of them run at the drag strip there. Any tips on good places to visit or things to do would be appreciated. Thanks!


Oct 20, 2007
bay area ,california
i just went their for my honeymoon in sept.. from a experience as a tourist i could give you some points to go that are very nice..unless youve already been their


Oct 20, 2007
bay area ,california
well here are a list of things me and wife did in our 7 day honeymoon in maui
we stayed next to whalers village
their are 2 restuarants across from each other in the front by the beach i forgot their names but they are both really good..

sunshine helicopter ride you can choose the island you wish to go too
breath taking views its bout 45 min ride

makena big the nicest
see through waters soft sand and long
bring umbrella as the makena side is more dry anfd hot
no rental stuff here

sunset dinner cruise
lot of boats offer this

baby beach on kaanapali side
small but very nice for snorkling and just a place to hang out for the day
ment to take children and babys as their is no tides here but i adults are welcome
i seen 2 big tutrtles as i snorkled amazing!!!
all rental gear here

black rock on kaanapali
you can also catch some big turtles here around the rocks
whale watch from here i think in certain season

mamas fish house
food is very good with a cool view
get vanilla shrimp as appeteizers
not tang tops or else they give you a regular shirt to put on lol

lahaina banyan tree in lahaina
cool place to walk around and see the the 2 biggest tree in the world ...

cheeseburger in paradise in lahaina
good place to eat lunch and relax ,their mixed fruit drinks are good

theirs a lot of places you can pull over to your left hand side going towards mamas fish house were boats charge to take you snorlking lol if you have a rental take a ride and save money and snorkle for free ..

this is just some of the top things we did that comes up to my mind ..
hope this helps out some what enjoy maui!!!


Jun 2, 2001
Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii
I am from Maui. No many Turbo Buicks on Maui. See them once in a while. Never seen one at the drags.

x2 on Mamas fish house.
Kimos on Front street is a room for the Hula pie for desert.
Whale watching tours. If your not crazy about boats. Look for a flock of tourists on the side of the road looking out at the ocean.
Sunrise at Haleakala Summit. Make sure you check the weather for the summit. Can be a crap shoot.
If you didnt bring a Jacket, grab a blanket from the hotel. Haleakala is damp windy and cold. Catches people off guard.
Cycle down the summit. Just an example, lots of companies.
Road to Hana.