Manchester CT car show this Sunday August 4th

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Mark Hueffman - Owner
What a show! Well over 1000 cars i would estimate. caught in a downpour after i left, nothing like going sideways at 70!
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Here is a pic of Turbobitt's Challenger.

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Nice pics!! Thanks for posting. I hit a little ran too but nut enough to make a big mess.

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I was there too, turbobitt's Hemi CUDA is real nice , I snapped a shot of it along with the kid seats in the rear. Did either 1 of you win anything? both have very nice cars. I was hoping there would be more buicks there, only saw about 4 gns, no 70 GS's or GSXs.


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Wow! Nice show. Can't believe how many cars there were. I saw 3 GN's, 2 with Stage motors and an 84. Have to get there earlier next year to see all the cars. I didn't even see most of the cars in the previous post and I was there for over 3 hours.