Man I love this car(but also hate it sometimes)


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I love this car. When it runs right. When it doesn’t… well… I’ll come back here for advise lol.


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I feel the same way. I've owned several different types of cars over the years and my car has been the worse vehicle I have ever owned. I tell people all the time not to buy one.


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I can relate to the pain.
I'm one of the lucky one's as I only had 2 at one time back in the late 90's. I can't imagine having more than 2 today and having to upgrade or repair them at the same time! Good Grief Charlie Brown!!!
At the rate Buick specific parts prices are climbing vs rarity of parts, we're all in trouble. I say, buy what you want or need ASAP! I know I'm about to start feeding my Buick disease/addiction again very soon. It never ends guys, it's a disease...
Maybe these will help a little.
FWIW, all credit for these goes to buickturboregal . com page.
Comedy gold!

expensive-hobby.jpg typical-Buick-GN-owner.jpg affording-a-buick-grand-national.jpg how-to-own-a-buick-gn.jpg turbo-buick-parts.jpg modify-turbo-buick.jpg stock-buick-grand-national.jpg wife-asks.jpg money-invested.jpg owning-a-buick-grand-national.jpg

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Love my cars too!!....but they runs great and dependable bc it is in mostly stock form...once you start messing with it....then there ya go....better be ready...I get it ....but I dont ...its an old ass picky ass car ....better know where you rest at :p...I prefer looks over performance .....especially with women and cars.....LMAO....lessened learned!!!


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Yeah your wallet feels the pain, but isn't it all worth it when you gas it at 45mph and watch 2 black stripes appear in the rear view mirror? IMO, I'd rather drop 15K in mods into a GN(or any TR) instead of some run of the mill shit box. Doing what others aren't doing(or can't do) makes you a winner, no? The '87 is just about done sucking my wallet dry(for now) of 15K or so in mods...and IDGAF. Driving this thing makes me feel like a million bucks and that is all that matters.