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Mains and Rods Torque Specs

dank GN

BlackArts Automotive (661)993-8277
I believe the vertical main bolts are tourqued to 100ft/lbs the horizontal bolts are right around 60ft/lbs . On the rods I believe to proper way to do it is with a rod bolt stretch gauge . So what ever it would take to achieve the proper bolt stretch . Agian these are just off the top of my head and may be different from someone else specs .
Thanks Dank. I think I'm right in saying the horizontal bolts are on #1 and #4 Mains
The ones I'm asking about are the angled 7/16" ones on #2 and #3. Pic from the other post repeated below.
Thanks anyone.

V6 mains rods 2017.jpg

dank GN

BlackArts Automotive (661)993-8277
Bad ass bro . If I could find a block I have all the goods to fill it and have one high reving motor
I think I went through about 2000 posts to find these.
main studs 95-100
splayed mains 50-60
side bolts 60
head bolts 80
rod bolt torque to get stretch?
SPS carr 3/8? 65
SPS wmc7 3/8? 75
SPS 7/16 80-85
Feel free to correct or add more info.
Last event of 2015 we had a valve spring break (BMS triples?). Got that all taken care of for 2016 and engine and car were doing great for a couple events. Season ended when the engine/gearbox adapter cracked in the worst place to try a weld repair. Adapter also has suspension pickups. I have been in contact with Argo and Royale folks and some others but no luck finding one or patterns. We may have to do a scan and pattern, have cast and machined. On back burner now with formula car season soon.