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Hey everyone. I just picked up a MAF translator and LT1 MAF (thanks Highway Stars for the smokin' deal) and installed everything, but I have a few questions.

First, where's everyone installing theirs? I'm trying to figure out a place to mount it so that its easily accessible but not blatantly obvious (trying to keep the bay clean). Pictures are always welcome!

Second, I set the Chip Type to All Others (Switches 1-3 ON/Up, Switch 4 OFF/Down), MAF Base to 3 (Caprice/Impala MAF) and MAF WOT to 0. Per another thread (, I am dealing with a rich condition that the translator and LT1 MAF helped with (idle BLMs are now 115-118 instead of 105-108). Would changing the Base to 5 (Caprice/Impala MAF leaner at idle) help at all? Should I look at adjusting the WOT setting as well? Will this help with the knock that I'm getting?

Third, I'm looking at ordering a set of 80 lb. flow-matched injectors and matching chip from TurboTweak to go with the PTE 5558 and THDP that I'm getting ready to put on. What should I put the MAF Base and WOT to once these are on?

Thanks as always!!


Old school mounting method behind the glove box. Do a search on "Samurai" there should be lots of old threads and pictures on it. I did mine like that many years ago and its still there. Never really fuss with anymore though.

I remember experimenting with setting until I found what the car liked. I have and extender chip which is similar to TurboTweaks these days.


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Turbo Keith

If your running one of Eris'c chips you can not add or subtract fuel , only a Bob Bailey's chip you can change fuel . Eric's fuel is burnt into the chip .

Turbo Keith

You can add/subtract 20 percent of fuel with Eric chips. Here...

Timing is adjustable in low/high gear as well.
Thank you for posting that , I talked with Eric maybe two weeks ago on a chip I sent to him , I went from a TA49 to an TE61 cause he said he would have to add fuel to the chip as I couldn't do that with the translator . I may have heard him all wrong cause I knew he told me I had to run a Bob B. chip to +- fuel . Maybe he will chime in on this .


The 61 outflows the it'll need more fuel in the chip. Adding 20 percent more may not have been enuf to cover the Erics adding more fuel.

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I put mine right behind the vapor canister next to the horn for my alarm with a piece of double sided 3m tape
they make a mounting bracket but I spent that money on the dress up plate for the translator
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Oh come on...its just a 6
Thanks for the replies everyone. I ended up getting the mounting bracket and a plate from I'm still curious on mounting it behind the glove box. I'll have to look into that.


There should be some posts from me regarding the Samurai installation method. Really stealth install, with the box hidden behind the glove box. Let me know if a thread search doesn't turn it up, I have pics and simple wiring diagrams to do it.