MAF remanufacture

Lots of them reman these sensors but none of them work properly on our cars. If you bought 100 you might get lucky and find one that works. The modern maf sensors with a translator or a MAFT pro with no MAF (speed density on a budget) work best with the 86-89. I know you have a 84/85 and I can’t imagine the reman sensors for those are any better. I went down this rabbit hole a long time ago buying “good used” and “reman” MAF sensors because I didn’t understand how much better the car would run with the translator and modern MAF. Spent a lot of time and money throwing parts at it thinking I had IAC, PCV, O2 sensor, vacuum or gasket issues. The MAF gave good number at idle so I thought it was good. Replaced with the used and reman units so I thought it must be something else...
Where do you live? Maybe someone local can let you borrow a 86/87 ECM, translator and Modern MAF before you spend the money.

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Hey Scott. This area is all greek to me. Not sure of the differences between 84/5 and 86/7 MAFs so I am not sure what to buy or how to set it up, to start out new with a "modern MAF". Last November it turned out that the shop that had rebuilt my engine had probably used an air tool to tighten the hose clamps on my MAF and they broke a chunk off the housing so the car was running extremely lean. Sourced a used MAF from an '85 and problem was solved - well you never know for sure. Drove down from Canada this Nov (2018) and got stuck in dead stop traffic on I 75 about ten miles from our destination in Florida, when I had to move out of my lane quickly and had a loud backfire thru the intake. I learned later it set code 24 (vehicle speed sensor fault) and has been setting code 22 (TPS low) periodically ever since. I McGiver'd the broken housing on the MAF from last year and things appear to be OK except for the code 22 (I'll get around to setting the TPS soon). Bottom line- what is involved in acquiring and setting up a "modern MAF"?
There is a translator and LS1 maf in the parts for sale section. I think with the 84/85 you might need to change to a 86/87 ECM but that should be fairly easy if you do a search some say they are plug and play and some say you just need a to wire up a IAT sensor and get a updated chip from Eric. Either way it seems pretty straight forward to get a modern MAF that works. If you have to buy a 86/87 ECM I wouldn’t pay more than $60 for a used one.


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Please start by setting the TPS and IAC. You can have a lot of issues if basic things like this are not in order. The worst thing you can do is throw parts at a car trying to fix things when the problem might just be that the TPS and/or IAC are not set properly.

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