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The stainless steel on my 87 T Type's steering wheel is discolored dark as if dirty perhaps from the prior owner polishing or scouring it. Any thoughts on how to restore it to its shiny finish?

grass doctor

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0000 steel wool and little Lube ....wd40 or any polish.....for the aluminum.....a magic eraser and isopropyl alcohol cut 50/50 for the leather works great ....dont rub to hard with magic eraser on the leather ....


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Have you tried cleaning it with some mild solvent? Mask off all the leather tighter than a frogs ass (waterproof) prior to trying it.......


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I did a redneck restore on mine.

For the metal spokes - they were dirty, gummy, corroded, and stained. I taped off the leather & carefully cleaned off the metal with Simple Green & Speedy metal polish as best I could. Used some steel wool like 'grass doctor' said.

I stole some of my wife's old sand paper like finger nail files and a metal nail file that had abrasive all the way to the end. I used these to begin the brushed metal look under the edge of the leather. Slide'em under the leather. Apply pressure and pull parallel to spokes. I worked slow & it turned out fine.

Next I tried small squares of semi- medium sand paper (different grits) on a scrap of aluminum to see if I could reproduce the OEM brushed look by working all in one direction. That worked. The spokes turned out close to OEM - most TR owners probably wouldn't notice.


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Steel tooth brush and some Mothers aluminum polish. Scrub in the direction of the grain. Finish with any kind of towel. Will look better than new.