Looking for some help!


I have a 68/69 350 olds that i want in my project regal. I will say i know nothing about turbos other than thy make them go fast!!! I do understand the basic's of how they work. I want to twin turbo this beast! Its still stock. I really dont want to bore and all that happy stuff just want to add turbo's. How do i know what size of turbo's that i need and If someone know who make the top end stuff that i will need? Need a list. Just some down to earth help is all i need. I have my mind set that this is the engine that i am going to use.



I dont know what your goals are . For a turbo street car your looking at spending atleast $25k . I would go with a small or big block chevy , way more parts available for both engines. As for the turbos recommendation call Turbonetics or precision turbo they could help you with picking a turbo.

Dusty Bradford

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Just being honest here. If you don't want to bore the motor or change compression and things needed to work with a turbo, this isn't a project you want to take on. It isn't as easy as just adding a turbo. Even a small turbo will make enough power to blow that stock engine to pieces if it is't built and tuned properly.


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If you got your heart set on an Olds engine to turbo, I would do a diesel block 350 that is stroked to 440 with Mondello parts. It would last being turbocharged but the engine would cost a large chunk of change. If you got a stock block 350 Olds build it strong an hit it with some NOS.