Looking for a friend - A handicapped / wheelchair accessible van in good shape.


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Hey Guys -

Long Shot here, but I trust my Buick brothers. Looking for a late model handicapped accessible van for my wife's friend and co-worker. Her husband has M.S. and is not doing well. I can even travel to look at it to help them out.

Thanks in Advance!


Mark T-TB

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Sorry to hear about this.
My wife has a bad case of MS (nasty disease :()... we looked for [and bought] a van back in 2012.
Seems like there are a couple of big multi-location dealers that sell New and Used - Mobility Works is the big one around here.
There are a lot of the fwd Van models with the ramps around. We wanted one with a lift, thus ended up with a low-mile '03 E250.
I thought that the prices were crazy, but just kept scouring the interweb and searching ebay, etc until I found one that suited us.
I had also found a one-man dealer who seemed to have fair prices and was good to talk to, but his small inventory did not match up with our need. I'll try to shoot you his info via PM.