Looking for a 4.1 Motor


Thanks Rob!!!
I am seeking a 4.1 motr. A short block would work just as well. I am in Illinois so I would perfer it in my area. Let me know what you got. Thanks


Thanks Rob!!!
In the middle of nowhere!!!

Leland Is a small crappy town about 20 miles north of Ottawa or 80 miles south west of Chicago:( Do you have a 4.1 by chance?


Yo Baby Daddy
No but I did sleep in a holiday Inn Express last night....:biggrin:

Someone just put one up for sale though. Check it.

Turbo Riviera

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I have one in Salt Lake City. Crank, rods, block, balancer, timing cover etc. The main caps have been machined for RJC stud girdle and the lifter valley has been polished. PM for pricing if you're interested.