Looking for 3" high flow cat for 86/87 TR


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As the title says, I am looking for a good 3" high flow cat that would fit the 4-bolt rectangle flange of our cars.


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this is the flowmaster 2000130 but the summit pics look different, if you go this route just get it from holly directly. Also found holly has more info on the core of the cat. Its a 200 cell metallic substrate (very good). Its not cali legal cus it has no carb number though, but you would be able to pass the sniffer test just not the visual test. Many turbo cars run 200 cell cats and pass the sniff test, you can google search it. I would call holly and ask specially what series stainless steel the case is made of so you can buy the right tubing to weld to it.

Also RJC has the 4 bolt flange you can add to the cat

Or I have an old new cat it was a fabspeed prototype from 15 years ago, but its a stainless 304 - 200 cell cat, you can just have it. You would have to add an o2 plug or just cut and weld the bung and cut the ends off to get the size inlet/outlet you want. But I'm never gonna use it. LMK I can take pics this weekend. But that flowmaster looks nice and will work well for sure.



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I have 3 catalytic converters for sale.
Two are identical new unused. Walker 15143 3" in and out.
The flange type is a Thrush brand
#940 . Box is marked "high flow"
The Thrush is new condition but appears to have been installed briefly. Core is clean, can see through core.
The "empty" housing is available.
Not claiming anything of these will fit a turbo car application. Dimensions can be sent if interested.
All 3 converters are $100 each plus shipping.
Empty housing is $50 plus shipping.
Parts are in 73115 area, Oklahoma city.
Having problems downloading more pics. Can send them to you if interested


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