Looking for 200-4R help in Kansas City


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Hello everyone,
I am new to the site. I don’t own a turbo Buick but many other forums say this the best site about to find info on a 200-4R. I could use some help. I bought a 200-4R with a 1986 CRF code. It appears to have rebuilt from the outside and the fluid almost looks brand new. Exterior seals at both ends look new but what is confusing is the exterior of case is dirty. I have not pulled the pan yet to check Valve body. The person who sold it to me claimed to know nothing about it. He said he bought for a project then decided to go another direction with the project. He claimed it sat for 2 years in his garage before selling it. Also stator shaft looks to be new. Exterior of pump is also clean but the inside bell is also dirty. How do I tell if stator is a standard or hardened starter? Is there anyway to identify upgraded parts from stock just by visual inspection?

I live in the Kansas City area and looking for someone local to inspect this thing and maybe rebuild.
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Additional info the exterior servo (second gear band?) is a 692 with the interior part number being its matched set number. It has a black return spring (the smaller one) and a blue/purple larger spring (apply spring?) is this stock or has it been upgraded?


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Tag 074-861CRF0772, driver side pan rail number 2G2274221, any additional info that can be had from these would be appreciated
Edgar’s in Kansas City, Kansas... they are in BFE but good guys. They fixed me up after I trashed 2nd gear. Tell the the guy with the GN sent you.


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Hardened stator is the one I'm holding in my hand in this pic. You can see the splines are blued from the heat treat vs the stock one in the pump half



Texas, Where are you from
That 692 servo is the same one used in the bq, cz among other 2004r from the factory. By 86 the stuff is probably hardened from the factory but as ineedagn sez the splines will have a blued or blacked look to them. If you are in doubt the support isn't much and way easier to swap now then after it is in the car.

What kind of power are you planning? Cruiser?, strip with sticky tires?

Opening it up to see about the band and what clutches are in there and check the clearances is easier now than after it is in the car.


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In other forums it is refered to one used behind v8 in the monte carlos, and olds 442. The 694 was for the turbo v6 cars. Is this correct? This is also a early 86 trans. as you can see by the tag it was built on the 74th day of the year and it was 772 trans built that year. Is it also correct that this may not have all the upgrades, as i understand it there were additional factory upgrades after mid year of 1986 and those after mid year to end pf production were the only ones that had all the upgrades. Has a yellow drive gear (13teeth?)and a 30 tooth driven. From the number on the driver side and the speedo gears i beleive it came from a pontiac parisienne wagon with 3.23 rear gears. It is the only vehicle i could find that had tall enough tire to warrent the speedo gears that are in it, built in canada. It is going in a 1966 nova 4dr sedan with a 283 ci sbc stroke and bored to 311 ci sbc. It will be pushing near 400hp and a liitle over 400 lbs of torque, factory 3.36 posi, it will be a cruiser more than anything.