Local SMC alky help please?

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When I purchased my Limited a few months back it came with an SMC alky kit that the prior owner had taken off when he had it smogged. I tried reinstalling it last week during our dry windy weather as a "what the heck, let's try it" exercise. Note: the alky bottle had been stored since August '06 FULL with a mixture of alky and Marvels Mystery oil in it.

This kit may be an older one, I don't know...there is a red manual test button on top, a boost setting knob and a pump speed knob. There are three indicator lights: "Armed", "Pump Running", and "Low Alcohol". I reinstalled everything in the engine compartment and fished out the wiring harness that had been tucked by the battery, hooked up the ground, and all looks fine on that end. Luckily the prior owner had left the control box hooked up and hidden in the glovebox.

I'm not convinced this thing works. I get +12V to the red wire at the weatherpack connector by the alky bottle when the test button is pressed, a constant +12V on the green wire (probably for the level indicator.) I removed the alky feed to the TB up pipe just to see if any liquid would come out, and none does even if the pump speed is turned way up. The system does show "armed" when I turn the key, so power is getting to the unit.

Can any of you local alky guys tell me what I may have overlooked? Or, could the pump have gone bad from sitting so long with the alky mix in the bottle? This is one of the reasons I'm not an alky believer, as I have yet to see it work and I think I own a rolling test case of one that doesn't. EDIT: the car is now equipped with a hotwired Walbro 340, 009s, an AFPR, Tomka cold air kit and one of Neal's chips.

Thanks for any and all replies!


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I have the SMC kit (new one) and I like it, and it has done a great job helping the motor run well. My kit is slightly different, but when I manually spray the alky by pushing the button on the box I can hear the pump from inside the car (motor, a/c fan and radio off). Check all connections and fuses. Other than that, I really don’t know. Sorry Morgan, wish I could help more.

PS love the wire wheels and curb feelers...lol :biggrin:


I bet "smart guy" will respond!" :p

Why not, 'dumb guy' already has:biggrin:

Morgan, have you tried to hot wire the pump to see if it will run straight off the batt. for a pump test? Otherwise I would give SMC a call, the guy seemed pretty nice when I called up for some pump lube, which by the way you should order if you get that thing running.


I have the old style SMC installed and working in all 3 of my TR's. You're welcome to check them out. As for the install it's everything you stated... Not too hard. Maybe the pump is seized...