Lithium Battery


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My AC/Delco battery gave out after 6 years last fall. I have been looking at lithium batteries for a couple of years. I've read several threads here and did research on the net. So I found the Anti-Gravity battery that did what I wanted. It's ridiculously light, less than 5lbs. It has all the cranking power I need. It's got BMS for safety. It's got a Restart feature that shuts down the battery if it volts go too low so it won't get ruined and still leave enough reserve to start the engine. I found the Mustang crowd is using Antigravity. At first they had failures. Antigravity did a bunch of tests and found out the Mustang ecm does some weird stuff to the alternator to "save fuel". After the testing Antigravity just had eliminate the Restart feature and that solved their issue so they have line without that feature. We don't have to worry about that funky shit for our cars. I shopped around the internet and found a deal. Anyway I wanted to mount the battery in the stock location and keep the side mount cables. It comes with terminals that allow the battery to be turned either way so no issue with the + and - being wrong. Got some screw in terminals and top to side terminals. I found a cheap thin cutting board and made a base and pocket for it. Made up an aluminum bracket and polished it for some bling. I ran it for about a month before putting the car away for winter. Slapped on the Lithium charger I got with the battery. A month ago I went to get the T out of storage. Removed the charger and cranked her right up. The temp was about 40* that day. Drove home and haven't put it on the charger since. They do make a little bluetooth battery tracker that you can put on the battery that will send a signal to your phone and an app will tell you the health, etc of the battery. I might invest in that at some point. The whole set up was about $225 more that a typical acid battery. I figure I saved over 35lbs on the nose of the car. Not a bad weight reduction to cost ratio.




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I have one in a motorcycle. First one failed early. The second one has been great. About a 10# weight savings located up high on a bike. C.JPG D.JPG


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I like the use of stock cables! Where did you get the battery top post adapters??


Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see.
All the websites that sell the lithium batteries sell the adapters. They are just cone shaped with a screw though them to the battery terminal. If you go to the Antigravity website they have them but you can shop for a deal on them.