Limited w/4.1


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Very interested in the car.
Would love to discuss with you for a couple minutes if you can give me a call.

George 803-351-0041


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You mean sell the car. He mentioned sellers remorse but I think we all go through that stage of ownership.

I remember the first time I saw it at the Hangover Nationals in Phoenix back in 2010, before Nick owned it. He put a ton of thought and work into that car. You're going to love it.
Look out NY, a new turbo in town, better hide because this is one more BAD ASS Buick. Well everyone except maybe Joey.
I look at this as a bad ass car yes, but also its a collector 1 of 1 like TurboTGuy said. Nick built this car with a plan and i cant wait to see all the workmanship put into this car. since he has friends in many auto directions.