Let's see those Limiteds!!!

86 TR

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Well my cars not a limited but pretty close. I guess you could say its a limiteds older sister. Its a Dark Blue Metallic 86 T-type with tan leather and column shift. Its got the cushy pillow top seats, but not the coffin style door handles. Ive only seen one other car like it. Someone told me they only made like 50 of these in 86 with the tan leather.:confused:

Got a good deal on it. Going in this winter for a full resto..



Can any one tell me what are the rare options on Limiteds??? Astro roof, ech?? I would love to know if my Limited has any of them...... thanks


Rare options

There has been talk amongst us Limited owners of coming up w/ some kind of database to track our cars and rare options.

As for rare I have leather, t-tops and accent paint option.

I know astroroof, padded roof, chrome mirrors, WO2, ... are rare for these already very rare cars.


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1/2 console, cornering lights in the fenders, My car actually came with roll up windows and leather seats!


Ive never seen a TR with those opera lights... sadly mine doesnt have them... but i do have the cornering lights... i didnt know those were some what of a rare option.... any thing elese i should be looking for????


trying to get it like you
here's my new limited

picked this up from an old lady...all stock with r-12 still in it...


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Ive noticed that a lot of the Limiteds have the little white stripe on the black bumper strip. I know on the GN's they were black and people thought you swapped them if they saw the white strip becuase GM replacements have the white strip. Do all Limiteds have them or what's the story behind this? My Limited has the white strips.


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Do all Limiteds have them or what's the story behind this? My Limited has the white strips.

I believe that the GN's and WE4's recieved the blackout strips and the T-s had the white boarder.

Not sure why, guess all black cars look best with no white stripe.



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87 Limited South Ga.

Well I might as well put mine on here too since they are so rare.


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Rare Limited ¿

Thanks Boost231
Maybe I'm just lucky to have this one. It was bought new at the dealership I work at. The owner of the dealership bought it and I purchased it from and then added all the mods. This one is for sale too, do a search on my username and check out all the pics and data.


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Guys, did our cars have the 3.8SFITURBO emblem on the drivers side of the trunk lid and the BUICK emblem on the pass side of the trunk lid? I see so many peoples cars and they are all different. I'm going to a 100% original resto so any advice would be helpful!! Thanks! ------Jeremy


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now thats the way i want my limited to look, just like terrible t's. mine is awaiting buildup of my 87 g/n semi longblock just like in my signature. getting rid of a low mileage [for the year] olds 307. only pic i have 4 now is my avatar
87 limited

Almost done, motor sounds vicious getting it painted and the interior done will post video and finished pics sooner or later:biggrin:


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Looking good...keep the pics coming !

Those intercooler pipes look like 4 inchers ?? Looks aggressive :eek: Get the correct coolant reservoir.