Leaking brake pressure switch


Feb 9, 2013
When I purchased my car last year the owner recently installed a rebuilt Cardone unit. I probably put 250 miles since. Well I notice the switch was leaking at MC connection. Not a lot but enough to wet the back portion of the MC. Also I noticed it leaked while car sat not driven. I would wipe area dry & next day it leaked again.
I have fuel pump booster & wire loom from it runs under the PM down below near the fire wall thru fender & driver side frame rail. Well while under car investigating things I noticed the loom was wet with brake fluid when it exited at the frame rail. Had me concerned that the leak is more than the switch.
Now I know the OE Black switch was known to fail sending brake fluid all over. (I experienced this first hand) But can the gray switch leak bad as well especially when driven?? Just trying figure things out. General area around PM is dry & lines, connections are tight & dry. Car brake light never came on car brakes well


Brutal 6 Racing
Sep 4, 2001
If you have a leak at the switch it could leak even with the car not being driven as there is still pressure in the accumulator.



You can't knock them up with spit.
Dec 9, 2002
Mine has done that twice in 20 years. Replace the switch and no more leaks.