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I finally got around to having m CSII deck refurbished and added an aux plug as well. Got it back and it's fantastic! Now, since I have no speakers in the dash, my door speakers are crap and the rear were bad, I need to install a new set up.

I have, in the past used 3.5" Boston Acoustics in the dash, and 6x9 Alpines in the rear with decent results. (Non-CSII car)

What's the current July 2019, set up that will give me decent sound without getting too crazy? I have a vintage xtant amp and xtant x1244 sub that I've been considering for the car as well... I also have a set of 6x9 adapters ready to go.

I rarely drive the car and have rarely listened to the radio since the radio was pretty weak. Now that it's better, might as well fix it up a bit.

Ideas, suggestions, links to the best deals are appreciated.

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There are many great choices for speakers from MB Quart to kenwood etc and they make speaker adapters that plug into your factory harness ( see pictures) also I read a great article on this forum about speakers and getting the best results from your stereo system will include link in separate post


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