Lack of Fish


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Is it just me or is there a severe lack of fish this summer? When I first bought my T, it wasn't too hard to catch a stang or two. Even a Camaro or piece of Jap junk would come out to get their share of embarrassment. Now it seems nobody wants to play. Woe is me! What's this world coming to?


Taking out the Euro trash
The word has spread about us apex predators. These little guppies are scared and in hiding. They don't want to become a quick snack.

This is the first year my Limited is getting big time respect, major thumbs-up, and people wanting to just sit there in awe; hoping for a chance to watch and listen to the show.

Hell, I recently had this guy roll by me at a light why I was waiting to make a left turn. He was hanging halfway out of his truck's driver window and gave me a double-rolling thumbs up with a huge ear to ear grin. That was a new one. Especially, seeing I took his turn at a 4 way stop a ways back, by turning left in front of him; because I didn't want to get stuck behind him.

Yesterday, I hit a trifecta at one intersection. I had a guy off to my left making a right turn pass along side me give me a thumbs up with a huge grin. The guy behind me pulls out his phone to take pics or video(I hadn't done anything stupid yet, so I knew he was good). Then, the guy directly across from me was rolling his index fingers signaling me to light it up, also with a huge grin. I obliged, as I went sliding through the intersection.

However, no bites here either. More tech douches into tech than cars. The summer is still young, I hope you and me both find ourselves a nice honey hole soon. Then proceed to lay absolute waste, kill em all!
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Had a couple high school kids ask me to race them in an older car. So I gave them the hit and a few car lengths. Then I tried to race a new bmw but he didn’t wants any, although I saw his girl smiling her ass off ever time I ripped it.

Did race my dad in his model 3. From a roll and dig. Pulled on me from the roll but digs I got him.