Kudos to Lorenz Performance, West Salem, Ohio!

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G-Body Lover

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Brian Lorenz at Lorenz Performance is absolutely phenomenal! He has worked on my GNX to not only help keep it on the road for many years to come, but also provide some performance upgrades and tuning so that it can compete with modern sports cars!

The quality of his work is second to none. He is also extremely responsive to inquiry, keeps you in the loop regarding repairs, and conducts them in a timely manner!

I highly recommend Lorenz Performance for routine maintenance, rebuilds, overhauls, tuning, and of course performance upgrades!

Thank you Brian for helping me not only keep this high mileage GNX on the road, but also blow the doors off these guys sporting around in their Dad’s BMW! It is such a great feeling to smoke other vehicles on the road with your family of five in the car and a car seat in the back!