Kirban's power window upgrade


Just bought the wiring upgrade from Kirban,,,I have read the directions, and cannot find the Pink wire with the black connector, under the driver's instrument panel... where the kit installs....I have the instructions, and I am a serious car dude.......I own a 67 Shelby, and a Boss 302,,,,,and has anybody done this addition......I also have the Buick shop manual....any tips, would be nice.....

Turbo Dog

I can't help you, but I, too, have super slow windows. When you get it sorted out, can you post here your results and if the windows are any faster? Thanks.

Two Lane

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Several good, prior threads on this topic are in the archives, accessible by using the SEARCH feature, which can often provide answers in seconds.

HTH :)


Good Results......Finally found the Pink Sunroof feedwire....very high up coming out of the dashboard wireloom, near the left kickpanel. The install was very easy, and the results, were as Kirban stated....The driver/psgr window both are quicker, not fast, but quicker.......the kit has a fusable link installed and very clean install....I would recommend it.....kinda pricey($48), and you could make your own....just need the connector for the sunroof feed, or you could splice.....