Kirban 200-R4 Super Servo Kit - Worth it?


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I'll be replacing my transmission filter & fluid this season and while I was down there, I was going to make sure the TV plunger is flush with the bushing when at WOT. While browsing the various GN parts vendors online, I saw this "200-R4 Super Servo Kit" at Kirban Performance. Has anybody used this recently and is it worth buying this upgrade?


200-R4 Super Servo Kit


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If your pretty much stock then I would leave the stock servo in the transmission. Just changing to a larger servo without any other modifications to the transmission could cause a 2-3 shift timing issue. For now I would leave it alone.


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Well, thanks for the replies...and saving me some money. I have about a grand (Canadian, so about $250 USD lol) to throw into the car this summer and would like to avoid products with dubious benefits to the car. :)