Killed my TA33


Heard a weird whirring sound for a split second after a run last Tuesday. Thought it peculiar but it went a way so thought nothing of it after that. Went for another run. About 300 ft out the sound came back and the car bogged down whenever I got on it. I just cruised the rest of the way. 2 or 3 backfires of grey smoke as I went through the traps.
Pulled off to the side after exiting the track and smoke out city. Blew the oil seal. Unhooked the WG and drove home. Everything was fine on the way home as long as I kept the speed up. When I let off or came to a stop it was like someone lit a dozen smoke bombs :rolleyes:
Finally got the turbo off a day ago to verify the diagnosis and definately a bit more side to side play than I remember. Doesnt seem to be much back and forth play if any at all. Unfortuneately as you can see in pic, the exhaust side impellar wheel must have hit at some point. The piece shot right out the exhaust.
I have always needed a bigger turbo, so Im currently window shopping. I guess my turbo had enough of 25+ psi :rolleyes:
What are my options with regards to this turbo? After $700-800 (cant remember exactly), it cant just be junk, or can it? Think I had about 28,000 miles on it.
Any suggestions?


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where the pic. and i will answer your question if u answer mine. lol i need to figure out this damn wiring.


Oops, heres the pic.


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HOTSIX said:
Send to John for a rebuild - I did.
What did he charge? I remember a few years back he told me when it was in need of a rebuild he could make it a 60, but dont know if he is still doing that? Think it was going to cost $400 or $450 for that?


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A basic rebuild a TA33 will cost $350.
Any other parts that require replacing will be extra.