Keep TH-350 w/ Gear Vendors overdrive or go back to 200-4R


I'm in the process of reviving my 1987 Turbo Regal as a daily driver. The original 200-4R went out on me in 2002, and I replaced it with a hardened TH-350 with a full manual valve body, non-lock-up torque converter, and a Gear Vendors overdrive unit.

Back then, I was younger and a little more stupid, and only thought about the track performance of my daily driver. The Gear Vendors unit turned out to be a hassle for everything but highway driving. I have the floor switch that is just too stiff to use for quick shifting.

I am now considering 2 options:

1: ditching the TH-350 w/ Gear Vendors overdrive, and going back to a 200-4R


2: keeping the current setup, and adding a better shifting mechanism, such as the MasterShift paddle shifters, which can be programmed to shift sequentially through all 6 gears (1, 1+overdrive, 2, 2+overdrive, etc.)

The cost of either option will be similar, so I'm looking for any input to sway my decision. Also, my driveshaft, with the overdrive unit, is only about 2.5' long, and it seems like that has been a bit of a problem when pulling out of angled driveways and such, but I'm not sure.
If it were me I'd go back to the 200-4R. With all of the advancements since you originally swapped away and given the drawbacks and general cumbersome nature of the GV unit (which is really designed for motorhomes) would make the 200-4R extremely attractive IMHO.


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Well the cost is the question. Chris (CK Performance)is offering a full billet 2004R in the vendor advertising section for less than 2K. Not a bad deal at all.


Well, I have a full manual valve body in the TH-350, so there is no leaving it in drive. Also, the Gear Vendors unit does not auto-shift at all. That means, with my current setup, I have to click a foot switch to go to 1st + GV overdrive (gear 1.5, I'll call it), click again to go out of overdrive and shift to second at the same time, click the foot switch again to go to 2.5, etc.

This is so tedious, I only end up using it for an overdrive on 3rd when on the highway. Granted, the MasterShift paddle shifters (~$2000) with the newer Gear Vendors control box (~$650) would allow me to shift sequentially through all "6" gears.

Keep in mind that I'm returning this car to daily driver status, so MPG and ease of use are high on the list.


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If you sold your 350 and the gearvendors unit, it should cover over 3/4 the cost of you switching to a 2004r . How much power are you making anyway? Reliability of the 200's have came up dramatically.