Just Announced, Norwalk TSO 2006 Race!!


The Guru Thorn
I am proud to announce that we have put together a TSO race for Norwalk this year. TSO rules as dictated for Salem and Indy will be followed. Although we only have a few racers confirmed, with the payouts we expect to have no problem having a full field. Any car meeting the TSO rules is welcome to race. TSO rules are more lenient than any other turbo class; you do not have to have a stage block to race. The race will be held on Friday so any TSM or Q-16 racers that meet the 9.99 ET qualifying time and TSO rules are welcome to run. We would be more than happy to have cars from any turbo class (TSS, TSE, TSL, etc.). Based on the results at BG last year with the runner up in the mid 9's and the Salem winner only having a best run of 9.8, both with fields in the 8's, it's clear that just about anyone can win in TSO. Sometimes consistency is better than quickest ET or big MPH.

To sweeten the pot we will be collecting a $20 entrance fee (it all goes back to the winner). This is a winner takes all heads-up race.

Official sponsorship money is donated by the following vendors (listed alphabetically):
Andersen Performance - $100 to the winner, $100 to top qualifier
Cotton's Performance - $201 to the winner
Hartline Performance - $200 to the winner

Official contingency money has been posted for the winner by:
Andersen Performance, additional $50 if the winner has an Andersen Performance sticker on their car, contact Billy for details.
Hartline Performance, additional $100 if the winner has a Hartline Performance sticker on their car, contact Cal for details.

We are still working on additional sponsors. As it stands now, with top qualifier and contingency money the winner could walk away with more than $900 for the win.

If you plan to race please let me know, you will not be committed to race. Entrance fee will be collected at tech on Friday morning. We plan to have three qualifying runs Friday morning, a cool down period and then go into eliminations.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly. Full payouts are only guaranteed for an 8-car minimum field. Less than 6 cars and the race is called off. A six or seven car field has lower sponsor and contingency money payouts but will be more than half of the full amount.

If there are additional interested sponsors please contact me directly.

A big thanks to all our sponsors for stepping up and making this race a reality!



The Guru Thorn
It is my pleasure to announce two additional sponsors for Norwalk TSO 2006. The JCC Racing Team would like to put its money where its mouth is and add an additional $150 to the winner’s payout. Additionally, a big thanks to Ted A and Innovative Plumbing for adding an additional $202 to the winner. This race should be one of the biggest payouts at the event and probably for all of TSO this year. 100% of the money goes back to the racers, no one is taking a cut from any of the money collected for this race.

The race is on Friday in Norwalk. It’s open to any car that meets the TSO rules and can muster a 9.99 qualifying ET. Any car from any of the other turbo heads up classes will meet the TSO rules, you just need to qualify with a minimum of 9.99 ET. We already have racers confirmed from TSM and TSL racing in the class. It’s a $20 buy-in which 100% goes back to the winner.

The sponsor list keeps growing. I would like to again thank our sponsors.

Anderson Performance
Cotton’s Performance
Hartline Performance
Innovative Plumbing
The JCC Racing Team

First qualifying run is scheduled for 9:45am Friday morning. There will be three qualifying attempts with first round of eliminations shortly after noon. Come out, have fun and take the chance to put a bunch of money in your pocket!

For an 8 car field:
Top qualifier gets $100 from Anderson Performance
Winner expected to get $1,013 ($853 sponsorship plus entrance fees collected)
Additional $100 contingency if you have a Hartline Performance Sticker on your car
Additional $50 contingency if you have an Anderson Performance Sticker on your car

We’re talking a total of $1,263 up for grabs so come out and take your chances to win a huge pot of cash and a lot of bragging rights!



The Guru Thorn
Pro-Tree Test and Tune Thursday

Update on Norwalk TSO. The track for test and tune Thursday will have a lane for heads up time trials. All you guys that want to sharpen your skills on a pro-tree you can do it here. This is probably another first for a Buick event! Roberta and Bill know how to put on a great event!



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EightSecV6 said:
If I dont have an Anderson Performance sticker on my car, can I still collect my contingency money? :)

Only if you can sweet talk Bill into paying you :biggrin:



The Guru Thorn
This is an update. Because of the rain Friday morning the TSO race is pushed to Sunday. Sunday will be a tight schedule so a lot of coordination is required. There will still be 3 qualifiying runs, starting at 9:15. Then in 45 minute intervals. Have your car ready if you plan to make the first qualifying session. Even with the off and on rain conditions the track was hooking hard so be ready!!

We have recieved an additional $150 from Bill Wills, this amount will be paid to the runner up. Top Qualifier will take $100. Winner will get $850. Total contingency money available is an additional $150.

Once again I would like to thank our sponsors.

Anderson Performance
Cotton's Performance
Hartline Performance
Innovative Plumbing
JCC Racing

Have the cars ready and come out to race for the TSO biggest payout!!



Let loose the Boost!!
It was a pretty small event, but turned out great after the morning rain showers. We would like to thank Lee Thompson and Odell Cantrel for inviting us to the event and thier hospitalilty. We met alot of awesome guys and checked out thier rides.

That we know of, Tin Man had tranny issues that put him out close to the finals, MAX PSI with the dark orange car caught fire due to a front tranny seal failed and sprayed tranny fluid on the exhaust while making a pass and burned the passenger side up some. He is ok though. Dave Fiscus was fighting several different problems but did come through in #2 spot in TSO! We were glad to assist him in any way. Art Paltz took the victory. Everyone thought that Ted " The plumber" Got the shaft from the track official when his car failed to start on time. He was times out but quicky recovered when his car started but they still wouldnt let him run. Bumb deal.

Overall it was a good event.
Alan and I will try to be at Indy and we are trying to get a booth set up to remove Dents and Dings from all of your TR's. We will keep you updated.