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So I purchased a 87 GN after waiting 20 years. This was back in October 2015. Here are some pictures of when I first got it.













So at some point I managed to get lucky and found a guy that decided to go a different route with a Monte SS and was selling an entire UMI Performance suspension setup for half the price and still in boxes! I know, I couldn't believe it myself! He had both upper and lower tubular A-arms with extended ball joints, upper and lower rear control arms, both front and rear sway bars, drive shaft loop, those links that link the upper and lower rear control arms, and billet tie rod adjusters. Here are some pictures





I then ordered the rear upper shock tower brace from UMI. I then had a coupon in a PST magazine and got a military discount on a complete Viking front and rear double adjustable coil over conversion that came with everything I needed. And of course more pictures!


I also ordered a Moser rear diff cover.

Here are some pictures of the install.









So after throwing all that stuff on here is a photo of how it sits now with my son and daughter who are pretty stoked!


Once I got all that done, I ordered both inner and outer tie rods, pitman arm, and idler arm all made by Moog from Rockauto and installed those. I then ordered HR PartsNStuff left and right motor mounts and tranny mount from one of our venders and tossed those on. I had previously bought a RJC engine brace from a member and installed that.

I left it on even after adding the mounts and also left the strap on the motor cause everyone at the car show goes nuts when they see it. People always ask! And of course I just tell them that it has so much power the motor will flip over without it. You should see the looks I get! [emoji23]I had also ordered from kirban's the rear seat brace kit, the fender corner braces, and front cross brace and took them to get powder coated gloss black. Needless to say, they all look great installed even if you can't see the rear seat braces with the trunk carpet kit, but at least I know they look shiny!
I had also hit up members of The forum for a cold air kit with translator.

Also a member had a TE-44 turbo from Bison that decided to part out his car.

So far the TPS tech is installed and the rest is on standby. I also went nuts on this forum and picked up a set of champion valve covers that look like these

Also a stock Champion intake and dog house all ported out and RJC polished larger throttle body. My plan is to powder coat all the top end parts gloss black and polish the raised surfaces and put on some ARP polished stainless hardware. So that's all still in boxes waiting. Here are some pictures from last summer.

Also met up with some guys up at the BassPro car show in Mass.

Mines the low one [emoji6]

My 01 GMC C3 started to rot away so recently picked up a 08 Avalanche LTZ with a 6.0. Was tough finding that one! They look pretty good together.

I started investigating getting the tranny rebuilt so I hit up Bison about it so just getting up the funds. Every time I get close one of you guys post an awesome deal on here and then I'm back to square one! So I really appreciate this community for the deals and the knowledge. I have also sent out a feeler to Richard Clark about building a motor so I know what to start accumulating for that. I had the great opportunity to visit his shop this past summer with my family this past summer while spending some time with my family that lives in NC. I meant to take pictures but my head was on a constant swivel checking all that stuff out. Highly recommend those who haven't making the trek. Not to mention he is a wicked cool dude which is more than I can say for his dog, apparently she only likes Richard and let me know all about it [emoji23]. He took the time to show me around and educate me while I was there. Awesome place and people!
So unfortunately I put the car away for the winter loaded up with descendent wrapped in a soft car cover and a giant car condom from car jacket resting in the garage. They just mentioned snow in October and that was the end of that. She won't see pavement till all the salt is washed away. Well hopefully I can squirrel some more money away so I can get the motor and tranny knocked out soon but just a step at a time. Thanks for all the support.

So when I tried to post this, it said I can only post 20 pictures, so maybe in the comments I can post the rest of the photos.

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Very cool!

How is the driving experience now?

Like it's on rails! Even with those skinny stock size tires! I really want to hit up classic industries for a set of zero offset wheels for it to tie it all together.

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Kudos to you sir, she looks fantastic and has found a caring home with you. When I hear stories like your GN story my faith is rejuvenated and helps me keep my faith.

I can only assume that your son and daughter are always asking for the keys, I walked that path as well. :D

PS, Awesome resurrection and upgrade. ;)