J Rod...kind of transmission talk. How to keep it up.

slant 6

My shifter can shift in and out of gears without pushing the button. The stock shifter handle was broken, so bought another replacement.... No problem there. But the white plastic rod, attached to the J rod I assume, is retracted. So I took apart the console. I found a broken spring (kind of looks like carb spring, but small). The J rod won't stay up and extended. I assume the spring somehow keeps it in place. 3 questions.

1. Is there an existing thread on this? Looked and couldn't find.
2. Is that spring part of the J rod?
3. Where can replacement be found?
4. Most important....How does it hook up? Thanks!


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There are two holes on the base of the chrome shifter stalk. The spring wraps around the bottom on the J rod holding the J rod up.

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classic industries has em too ive had better luck with them, just saying


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