It was all fine until I installed TR6…


Jul 28, 2016
I know how it goes “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” and my factory ignition system worked fine but I got interested in the hype behind the TR6 ignition system. After I swapped the tr6 over I can not get my GN into boost without it breaking up. I changed coil packs, spark plugs, cam and crank sensor were adjusted. I double checked my grounds/wiring. The only way I can hit WOT is when I have mode 1 switched on which locks the timing 10 deg I think. What should be my next step? What all goes into having the TR6 work correctly? The tach on my cluster does not work and my scanmaster does not show MPH. Not sure if that info is relevant.
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Oct 16, 2009
I don't know much about the TR6 ignition system, but if it helps any why don't you install back to your original system before installing the TR6 system and see if the same or worst before the new installation.

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Jul 8, 2001
Make sure the damn thing is grounded properly.....I ran into that after removing my stock setup to change the fuel rails, and put it directly back on, I later found the end of my ground jumper wire was compromised ( I use one because I have a powder coated intake).
After making a half dozen test hits with the poor ground, one of the towers on the coil pack went south. Since replaced coil pack and module and the module is sufficiently grounded. Nice clean 28 psi hits are back.