ISO 1986 or 1987 TR prefer low mile HARDTOP, or ASTROROOF (No T-Tops)


Shhh... I've got a Secret
OK guys... I know there are still cars hiding out there hiding.

Ideally an Astroroof T would be what I want but I am not picky...

Whats out there since I haven't been around for a few years.

Let me know


Message me or for those that have my number the same cell still works.



Shhh... I've got a Secret
Are any of you guys still posting or just lurking? 59 views and not a single response? LOL

I did buy a hi mileage Syclone just because it was for sale... this should be a fun adventure...

Still looking for a T/R


Shhh... I've got a Secret
PM me.I might let one go.1987 T limited. CF5 factory.

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Nice car...

As I said though, I'd prefer not to have to bring one in from out of state. It gets to be extremely costly to do so.

I've only seen one other Limited with Leather and the tall console and its sitting in a salvage yard... Been trying to buy it for the last 5 years. (Its an Astroroof car)