Is this guy serious?


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Not to dispute anything about his asking price but I promise you that there is more than 60K in receipts to build it. I am not even sure that 20K will get you a frame off resto these days, of course every one will tell you that the car would be worth more with the stock #'s matching drivetrain but a TA Performance engine setup is pretty sweet and highly desireable. The engine package should be in the 17+K range, not including electronics, trans, driveshaft or rear. It adds up quick to build a car capable of 8 seconds. 3500 in the trans not including torque converter. I can go on and on adding dollars but I bet if you were serious and contacted the owner, for 60K he will take a losses. 1 for having an 87 Turbo Limited ( rare), 2 for the $$$$, 3 for the show ( I am sure that it turns heads) and finally trying to replace the adrenaline rush from an 8 sec Buick with anything for that same amount today. I am not sure that it can be done for 60K. I am not saying it's impossible and it's a long shot but if his price drops in the 20's give me a call and I'll buy it.


Points well made. I dont know enough about upgrade costs to have known, specially a frame off or a TA engine. While shopping (and trying to learn) the last few months, most cars in that price range Ive seen are low mile unmodded cars. Ill never be able to afford a $60k car, be it modded or not. Id rather have one modded though. Most modded cars at least close to the description that Ive seen have been $20-30k, hearing others forum members say the lower value is due to the mods themselves. Of course a car is only worth what someone will pay for it, Im getting confused by the conflicting things I keep reading on here....


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Over the course of time I've had my TR, I have well over 60K in it, and Turbo Lou is building a new engine for it right now. More money into her now............

I'll never see that money if I should sell her, but I don't plan on that.

That's a sweet car and like they say, there's an ass for every seat. I'd bet he has much more in it.
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He's on the forum. Very Nice guy and I know the car well . It worth every penny and he will get 60k for it. I wouldn't sell it for anything less


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That car is one of my favorites! Very well known car! To the OP..... do some research and see what parts and builds cost. I hope he gets every penny of it....but know what the market is... im sure he asked a little higher to get rid of some tire kickers and because deep down he doesn't mind keeping that beast!



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That's a bargain. People way underestimate the cost of building a nice streetable low 9 second TB. A nice frame off restored Limited should be at least 20k. A TA aluminum block build is at least 25k finished off with all the accessories. Drivetrain/rear is at least another 5K. There's another 6k at least in rims/tires and brakes. Aside from the money costs there is all the personal time spent building the car.


Well you dont learn if you dont ask questions. Thanks for everyones replies. I certainly didnt mean anything negative about the seller, I just didnt know any better. Its definitely a sweet car, and waaaayyy out of my price