Is this a good boost guage?


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I am in need of a good boost guage that won't break the bank, so I found this Glow Shift boost guage on the internet, and it doesn't look to bad and the price is good too. I just wanted to know if anybody has had an experience with this boost guage, or where can I find a good one for about $40.00. Check out the web site and tell me what you think. I like that it changes colors, but I want it to work good to. Thanks:) :D :cool: :)

Current Project = 1986 T-type - 71K miles - (55/45-bench seat / moon roof)


Looks good to me, just don't get caught using the purple color. Combination Vac/boost guage is the way to go IMO.


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Auto-Meter, Summit... $39.99

Can't beat it.


The one you linked to..... a little too RICER... don't be that guy.


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I would stay away from gimmicky garbage like that, and stick with trusted name brands. Just as inexpensive.


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Save your money towards a good brand name one.. Dont cut corners when it comes to a boost gauge, it may cost you more in the long run... Plus, it looks too "ricer" for a Turbobuick.. ;)