Is there a resource available to help the non-tech savvy learn how to use XFI?


I have XFI installed in my car. Bought from Hartline years back and had Steve V straighten out the install. I just want to know if there is a book , video ,whatever to help someone get up to speed on how this thing works. From a to z. Thanks.


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The help section describes each and every screen.
I also did a webinar. It's on the "Buick XFI Sportsman" group on FB.
There's also an XFI forum on

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whatever to help someone get up to speed on how this thing works.
i understand where your coming from but you may be better off not trying to learn on something like an xfi as its easy to break of the benefits of buying a more complicated setup is having a tuner that will give you tune support so dont have to touch it.


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I have many post on here search my name years ago. I been a away from the scene for a while now but I am still around.


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If you don't know XFI inside and out...then find someone that does. As Dirty Harry said. ' A mans GOT to know his limitations '.