Is it a good solution for me to add a bluetooth to my car audio?


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I have a old autoradio (cassette and not AUX input ) in my car. But i don't want change because it pretty. I just want to add bluetooth. I leave fm receiver side for the true audio / radio.

I want to know if i purchase both parts in Kynix:

  • TDA7388 four-channel 41W audio amplifier board
  • Bluetooth home-car receiver adaptor
I connect the audio amplifier with bluetooh receiver and power amplifier with speaker and i add a switch, to switch(speakers) between true audioradio/power amplifier.

I know i must add a power convert 12V->5V for the Bluetooth module.

I want to know if this is good "cheap" solution ?


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I don't know about doing it that way.

But I just sent my STOCK radio out to have the right channel amp fixed, and while he had it open I asked him to add a 3.5mm jack. So for $20 he can add an 8 foot cable that comes out the back of the radio, or for $35 he adds the jack to the front of the radio.

I got this from amazon to serve as a bluetooth reciever. Bluetooth Receiver,

Tony can be reached at it might cost more if all your doing is adding the jack, but he already had mine open to repair the amp so that's what he added to the price for the jack.

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You could add a bluetooth amplifier to your system or if you already have a amplifier and dont want to buy a new one you can add a bluetooth equalizer.


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I happened to see your post, thank you for sharing it. I found TDA7388 on Jotrin Electronics Limited. In addition to it, for your question, maybe you can turn to their electronic engineers.


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I just read about a piece on Amazon that you plug into the cig lighter , tune to an empty radio station that matches the radio station on the Bluetooth device and send whatever from your phone for like $18. If you travel a lot you will have to change radio stations from time to time but it beats making any major changes to stereo system.

Look up IMDEN Bluetooth FM transmitter for car on Amazon, 13000+ reviews


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I tried one of those items and my results were just fair. Worth the try but not optimal.


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When I still have the old stereo system in my Fox Body(before I decided to make it a drag car), I only bought a bluetooth receiver like this. You just connect it with your phone's bluetooth and the receiver to the stereo system's aux cord. Having the stock stereo in an old car is something! By the way, if you are into drag racing or racing in general, the guys that sells the bluetooth receiver also manufactures custom filtered hearing protection.