Investment or Enjoy


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Hi All,

was wondering how others think. I am looking for an 87 GN for a daily driver. At lease it will be for about a year or so until I save some money, get a lease on a new care and put the GS in the garage with the 70GS455. Back to the question. Would you consider a one-owner 55Kmile car an investment ONLY to be preserved or a car to be given normal used and enjoyment -but not beat up and cut up?

thanks for your thoughts.



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I drove my GNX to alot of car show/ meets,
didn't buy it to be a garage queen,
how much enjoyment do you get from letting it set in the garage?


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I bought mine with 16,200 miles on it. It now has 85,000.

But I never trusted it to be a DD. If meticulously and proactively maintained, they can be reliable. But when (not if) something does happen, you can be down for days or weeks waiting on parts.


Think of all the amazing memories a car sitting in a garage with a cover on it can provide. Should take long.