Introducing the WindowTurbo


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Got mine installed yesterday and all I can say is Wow!
Super easy install.
My windows are now turbo charged and open / close really FAST.

Thanks Howard & Richard!


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+1 to all the positive comments here! Fast install and fast windows. What a difference!

Thank you!


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Just installed mine Sunday morning and was done exactly 5 minutes later. Works perfectly as advertised and sped my windows up. My passenger side window was my biggest concern because it was so slow. I am getting ready to order # 2 now. What electronic gadget is next?


just installed it..the u-tube video doesnt do it justice as i think the car shown isnt running...mine took about 8 seconds going, 3.8 seconds ! Also, my car,being a hybrid, didnt have the curcuit breaker in the normal location...Richard walked me thu what i needed to do...he was busy, but still took the time to call ME back and advise. wish he was closer as he would be doing my next motor.

michael evans

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Figured out why the link was not working. You need to remove the "@" symple to get the page

BTW I got one on order.