Internal wastegate - boost control, AMS500?


I know this has been discussed, searched numerous threads and can't find a definitive answer.
Running a 6265dbb, have it at 22psi. Just installed a FAST classic to control.
Looking for the best way to ramp boost with an internal wastegate (RJC pipe with big puck and RJC controller). I've ported it and seem to have minimized any creep.
90 percent street car.
My "issue" is, the turbo comes on like a hammer, and blows the tires (285 Nitto DR's).
I can buy an AMS 500 used (deal) locally and have read they may work with a modified diaphragm (air cylinder?) or a dual port diaphragm?
Looking to see who has used AMS and if it's a straightforward endeavour to build system for internal gate?
Also read ISAC controller will control boost, but would require a second wideband o2 since I'm running a FAST.
Any ideas greatly appreciated.


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I think ams are for external gate dp only. What exhaust housing is on it? If it's a 6 l you can switch to a 85 and that may give you some lag.


Definatley an idea, was hoping there was a ramp or staging method.
I had read several threads regarding the dual port and air cylinder (with AMS) but they seemed to trickle off without resolve.