Interior upper door panels

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I’m about to get a set of these and have a couple questions for those that have replaced them:

How did you guys install the power window swtiches and door pull straps ?

It looks like you have to make your own cuts outs or were they pre cut?

Any advice on how the install went would be appreciated

Thanks for the help


I just did new uppers on my GN. The cardboard backing has the outlines of where to cut for any option. I put my old ones next to the new & started with small squares out of the cardboard. Next I put small “x” slits in the fabric. Just go small & take your time.
Got mine from Highway Stars and they are decent. My only beef is that they are reinforced with cardboard instead of metal like the originals.
That is a beef

For almost 300 bux I would hope they weren’t cardboard

Well too late for me, I wonder if the other manufacturers are the same?
I received these today

The picture shows the areas in the backing to locate the power window switches and the door pull strap

It looks like the top portion has plastic reinforcement

I will most likely install this weekend
Did that already with a pillars , b pillars and all the t top trim

This paint helps blend everything including the lower door panel carpet

Not sure if I want to paint the lower plastic
I repainted mine. Just make sure to clean it, scuff it with a 3M pad, clean it with wax / grease remover, then hit it with adhesion promoter before you paint. Check out my build thread below. At some point I go over how I repainted my pieces.
Just a heads up

I found out that most of the plastic trim I ordered from OPGI came painted. The SEM paint is a good match to what they use.

I hit some pieces with a light wipe of acetone then sprayed. Covered well and did not scratch despite all the panel jostling I did while installing

Good stuff