Interior/trim stuff, bumper, seats, hood

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Hello everyone, Im trying to cut down on all of the extra stuff I have, some of its in decent shape, some is rough, just posting it up to see if someone may need it more than me.
All prices are without shipping.

Astroroof glass - has some scratches, not very noticable. - $25.00
Astroroof cables, need some serious TLC but could be salvaged. $10.00
A pillar exterior trim / drip rail trim, black in decent shape. $150 for driver and passenger side.
Weather strip retainer decent shape, driver and passenger side (including rear pieces) $125.00 for both sides
Faded upper and lower sail panel trim, cushions in decent shape. $25.00 for all
Taillight harness, uncut good shape. $60.00
Front and rear windshield trim, decent shape, black. $100.00
Headlight switch with dimmer - $10.00
Front seatbelts (sail panel portion, male) decent, could use some cleaning. $40.00 for both
Rear center filler with license plate bracket - $20.00
Accelerator pedal - $10.00
Seat belt retractors (pair) $30.00
Rear hood trim, decent shape. $15.00
Passenger side under dash kick panel - $25.00
Cowl vent trim (above blower motor) - $15.00
Dashboard air vent with end elbow - $50.00
Driver side kick panel plastic, poor shape. $5.00
B pillar trim, rough shape. $10.00 both sides.
8.5” differential open carrier. $25.00
I have two sets of door glass, mounting points a little rusty but all will bolt in fine. $25.00 each

local pickup stuff (Orlando FL)
Turbo hood, needs repaired. $125
Front and rear seats, need reconditioning. Manual seats in front, rails are decent, some rust but not severe. $100.00 for all
Hood pad, not terrible but rough shape. $40.00
Chrome bumper, good shape. Has some pitting on the top where rust started to eat at it. Definitely driver quality. Inclues aluminum bumper support, bumper brackets with rubber, and rear bumper strip. $350.00

I HAVE PICTURES OF EVERYTHING, theyre too large and Im not compressing them all. Too late for that! Let me know guys. Thanks


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like the head light switch with dimmer and pics of astro roof cables ...thx ...maybe more close to Orlando for cell #