Interior plastics, exterior trim, taillights...

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Jan 15, 2020
Hey guys, alot of stuff I dont need. PM me with questions.

driver front inner fender - 50 pickup only

Driver front plastic wheel well - SOLD

Rear wjndshield trim , I have chrome or black. - 75 each

Hood trim x 2 - 40 each

Underhood light - 15

Core support complete with condenser and crossbars and air deflectors - 75

Emergency brake assembly - 25

Door jamb seatbelt retractors - SOLD

Door jamb vents - 30

cruise control plastic canister - 20

Wheel well moldings, I have black and a couple chrome, some are decent. Others some dents and dings. - $25 each pickup only.

Taillights - passenger has some splintering, driver side has small chip in corner. One of the blackout moldings is still good - 125

Taillight harness - 50

Drip rail moldings A pillar and roof. Black - 150

Woograin Radio bezel - SOLD

Front and rear seats, no tracks, need to be reupholstered. - $200

Driver side power seat trim plastic - 40

Driver side manual seat trim plastic - 40

Clean lower sail panel plastics, medium dark gray with turbo T cloth inserts - 125

Cutlass blue lower plastic with vent (below steering column plastic) - 40

upper sail panel plastic, decent might need some cleaning. 80

ECM kick panel plastics all 3 medium dark grey - 75

Driver kick panel plastic - 40

Lower vent plastic below steering column SOLD

I have alot of miscellaneous plastic trim pieces and hardware, mounting brackets, etc please PM me.

Driver rear quarter panel, complete minus some lower pinch weld metal in the rear missing. 300 pickup only

Rear speaker panel cover, piece that goes between rear windshield and deck lid - 40

Passenger mirror, manual - 50

Door glass - 25 a side

Floor shifter assembly no handle SOLD

Chrome rear bumper - 100

Front chrome bumperettes - 40

Will update this list as time comes. PM me for pictures, ill take them as I go. All prices before shipping. Thanks. Located in Orlando FL


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Apr 26, 2018
Greetings, could you txt me pic's of : Rear speaker panel cover, piece that goes between rear windshield and deck lid - 40
txt to: 734 355 6548
Dan H.


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Apr 17, 2010
Lower vent under steering wheel. I didn't see the chrome wheel in the vent is it there. I would assume that it is picture number one for $40


Jan 15, 2020
I do have the vent for it, I just pulled it out. Correct that is the plastic,Ill put the vent back in for ya if you want it.