Interesting article on the 74 mile GN

1986 Buick GX1

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I remember when mine had 74 mi. on it. It was the third day I owned it.
About 25 miles home from the dealership and two days of commuting to work. I think it's more fun now than it was back then.

I can't imagine owning one and not driving it, it would be like getting the biggest ice cream cone ever and watching it melt.


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I vote to drive the hell out of it!

A few years back I had a friend do a frame off restoration on a 70 GS Stage 1 car, kind of a off green color don't remember what they called it but it was a rare color and not that many were done in that color and he never drives it. Its been trailored to a few shows but hardly no miles.

I asked him about it and said no to much money invested to drive it. What? Your kidding? Nope he won't drive it, just a garage queen now. I told him you have insurance lets go for a drive. Nope.

I told him I would drive it everywhere and I ain't kidding cars were meant to drive. Hell yes I would take care of it but I for sure would drive it.

So this GN with 74 miles, congratulations to the new owner I hope to see on the road someday... with a few thousand miles lol


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Such a shame. I have 25yrs of awesome memories cruising in my gn. Still only has 75k on it. Not driving it kills me. Never once, even when it had low miles did I even think of not driving it. Not driving a stage 1 resto? Sad. Been driving my gs for even longer. Restoring a 4 speed suncoupe now and when its done its getting driven and driven hard. Looking at New or restored cars gets old fast. If I had stupid money to blow at auction on a classic with 10 miles on it it's getting driven home and then some.
That’s ok it’s gonna have 26” wheels, 10000 watt stereo cruising the ghetto soon enough.
24" is about as big as you can go without frame notching and completely killing the turning ability.

I maintain this car and it is very clean. PTE FMIC, ATR single 3", GEN 6 DFI, Te44, Art Carr converter and a Jimmy's trans. Rides quiet, AC is cold and yes, close to $10k in JL Audio with minimal rattle.

A set of 18" Simmons and it would fit in at any Buick Event.

He drives the hell out of it like all Buick owners should. Downtown, south suburbs, Naperville, hell this car has seen more of Chicago that a ton of the Buicks here. I drove it to Dekalb yesterday. You'd be surprised who gave me the majority of my "Thumbs Up!"

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No kidding. What burb? I am in Elmhurst. West of downtown near 290 and 294. Where do you cruise or hang out with hte Buick? Any cruise nights?


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I've put 2500 miles on my TR since I purchased it last year. I bought this car to drive it and I love it.

I saw a quote/meme that rings pretty true about not driving a car...."Having a car and not driving it to keep the retail value up is like dating a super model and not banging her to keep her tight for the next guy." My TR is gonna be one loosey goosey when I'm done with it....LOL.