Intercooler Recore

Hey guy's I came across a stock intercooler with the dutt neck for sale and wanted to know if any knows where I could get it recored locally? I'd like to freshen it up or would it be cheaper to buy a Nick Neck from Arizona GN? Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.


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I haven't seen it in person yet i'm gonna check it out this weekend, and yeah the picture looked good. Thanks for your advise
I'll definitely try that out, most likely gonna purchase it. -Mike


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Pressure test it before you use it.
If your able to I would definitely pressure test it.

I went to "clean" an old radiator that was working perfect when the car went down, after cleaning and pressure testing I saw a pin hole leak that would have caused me time and trouble if I did not.

good words of advice right there. I am "assuming" any radiator cleaning place would have the capability to check if the IC is leaking?