Inner fenders

Chuck Leeper

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I've tried to get some basic dimensions, but was told they were "SSS". I have since "swagged" some dimensions, using fotos, and doing image ratio math, and am making some patterns. I have to decide on what to do for the flange side.
I may create some CAD drwgs, and have some pieces cut, and see what I end up with. {Probably, a lot of scrap}!
Downside is extensive welding time. I have MIG, TIG, and a spot welding machine, shrinker/stretcher, etc.. That's kinda like a 14 sec driver in a 10 sec car..:rolleyes:
Downside to sheetmetal is wt. Alum not much better, & not as easy to weld.
Would be good to find a source for a custom vac molded product. I know of none.

Nick Micale

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But car has to be at his place. Can't make these and ship them......
We have been discussing to build the inner fenders w/o a specific turbo car being here. A few other owners have also shown interest in them.

The ones shown in the old thread Chuck posted shows the units we have made, but none have the factory AC unit in place, but we should be able to build them here with or w/o the AC box in place